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Gaining Muscle --> Training

Ectomorph Training Plan: Hardgainer To Easygainer

This free ectomorph training plan is specifically designed for adding mass to skinny frames. Get stronger, build muscle faster, and get big at last. Build a thick chest, broad shoulders, tree-trunk legs, barndoor lats and massive arms. [Read more...]

Gaining Muscle --> Diet

Creatine Dosage and Timing

Proper creatine dosage and timing can improve its effectiveness for gaining muscle. Certain foods and supplements can also increase the effects of creatine. So how much creatine should be taken and when? Read on to find out. [Read more...]

Burning Fat --> Diet

Yohimbine HCL: Yohimbe Can Help Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Yohimbine HCL or Yohimbe Bark Extract supplements could help you burn fat and lose weight faster. These supplements are affordable and effective, with benefits including increased energy, fat burning, weight loss, and libido enhancement. [Read more...]

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