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Glutamine Benefits - Surprisingly Significant!


Glutamine may be a valuable addition to your supplement stack. Many people overlook this old classic in favor of the latest and greatest to hit the market. Are you spending good money without really getting all the expected benefits? Glutamine is one of the cheapest supplements out there, and it may provide you with benefits you aren't able to get from your current diet and supplement regimen.

Glutamine Benefits

Glutamine is an amino acid. It is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, and it is extremely vital for recovery. Glutamine is considered "conditionally essential" - the body can produce its own glutamine, but supplementation is necessary in times of injury or illness. A key point to recognize here is that working out is actually a way of injuring yourself! You may feel fine, but the act of resistance training creates micotears in your muscle fibers. The fibers are then rebuilt bigger and stronger than before (as long as you are following a good diet for muscle gain). If you weight-train with any regularity, then you're essentially always "injured" and could probably benefit from increased glutamine intake. If your training is very intense, and you're always feeling sore, then you may need even more than the average person.

Glutamine may provide other benefits in addition to supporting the recovery and growth of muscle tissue. Many people find that glutamine is of great assistance in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as "leaky gut syndrome". Others may find that recovery from illnesses is improved with glutamine supplementation. Glutamine may also produce noticeable improvements in energy levels due to reduced muscular fatigue.

Glutamine Dosage

The ideal glutamine dosage for most individuals is at least 10 grams per day. This should be split into two separate 5-gram doses. Five grams would be taken immediately after your workout in order to promote muscular recovery and repair. Another five grams would be taken at bedtime to provide your body with glutamine during its repair phase (sleep). Advanced trainees often add an additional two doses - one upon waking, and one just before the workout. This comes out to a total of 20 grams per day. Glutamine is still quite affordable even at this dosage.


All things considered, glutamine is probably worth a buy for most people. Even those who do not train regularly may notice its positive effects. Try taking glutamine regularly for four or five weeks and decide for yourself. Maximize your results by combining glutamine with creatine, natural vitamins, and n-acetyl cysteine.

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