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Natural Whole Food Vitamins: Are They Worth the Expense?

What are Natural Whole Food Vitamins?

Natural whole food vitamins are dietary supplements intended to fulfill human daily vitamin needs. Natural vitamins use real food as the source for each vitamin, while typical multivitamins from the supermarket are usually a conglomerate of synthetic ingredients. Traditional synthetic vitamins have been around for years, but whole food vitamins are relatively new to the supplement market.

Natural Whole Food Multivitamin Benefits

Natural whole food vitamins offer one main advantage over regular multivitamins - they're natural! The human body is designed to process all of its required vitamins from the food and drinks we consume each day. Unfortunately the body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and almost nobody manages to consume them all through diet alone. Natural vitamins are a way to bridge that gap. These supplements are essentially just food in a more concentrated or extracted capsule form. One could say they provide the balance in an unbalanced diet.

Regular multivitamins are not quite the same as natural whole food types. Typical multivitamins from the store mostly contain ingredients cooked up in a lab somewhere, which your body may or may not be able to fully utilize. Do you trust Mother Nature or man? The former is always correct, and has withstood the test of time - billions of years in fact - while the same cannot be said for the latter!

Natural Multivitamin Side Effects

Side effects from natural vitamins are unlikely unless the user happens to be allergic to one of the ingredients. Always check the labeling for any possible allergens, and always take the supplement with a little bit of food to help enhance the absorption. It is always good practice to check with your doctor to ensure there aren't any issues with taking any new supplements.

Natural Multivitamins: Conclusion

So are natural vitamins worth it? For most people the answer is probably yes. Sure, if you buy the cheapest knockoff multivitamin out there, it's probably going to cost less than half that of a quality natural vitamin. The problem with the cheap approach is that you have no idea how much of the synthetic vitamins are actually getting absorbed by your body...and some of them may actually be harming you!

For less than $1 a day, you could be taking a natural vitamin instead - comprised of whole food ingredients, no artificial colors or coatings, and more readily absorbed by your body. Many people notice an immediate improvement in their energy level, complexion, hair, skin, and nails after switching to natural vitamins! These supplements are an absolute bargain with a very favorable cost to benefit ratio. You may also want to consider adding a NAC supplement for the ultimate combo in all-around health.

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